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Province of Bukidnon, The Pineapple Capital of the World
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KAAMULAN FESTIVAL – KAAMULAN is an indigenous Bukidnon term for “gathering” for any purpose. It can mean a datuship ritual, a wedding ceremony, a thanksgiving festival during harvest time, a peace pact, or all of these together.

As a festival, Kaamulan started in 1977 with the provincial government sponsoring the activity. For 3 days on November 25-27, festivities drew visitors from all over the country.

Every September, the Kaamulan in Bukidnon is a cultural festival that presents the rich customs and traditions of the 7 ethnic hill tribes; Tala-andig, Higaonon, Umayamnon, Monobo, Tigwahanon, Matigsalug and Bukidnon.

Starting from 1996 to present, Kaamulan Festival is celebrated last week of February to the first week of March, at the same time Bukidnon’s Foundation Day is celebrated.

A program highlighting the historic beginnings of Bukidnon, a bazaar, garden show, food fest, agri-fair a rodeo and horse show, a dramatic presentation of a tribal oral tradition, a street dancing contest graced with ethnic groups’ performances, an ethnic dance and music clinic, a barn dance and rituals showcasing the culture and beliefs of tribal Bukidnons are the activities designed to fuse the different sectors as a whole.

To the hill tribes, Kaamulan heralds the symbolic breakthrough of their long quest for meaning and identity. In more ways than one, it shall beckon to all and sundry that Bukidnon astounds with some unraveled cultural legacies.


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